Saturday, February 20, 2010


Do you remember the skunk story from last year? Well this is part two of Man vs Beast. Every time we sit a bag of trash out side the door or in a barrel I would wake up in the morning and have to pick it up and re sack it. Then one morning I was leaving for work at 4:45 when I one saw one of the the culprits in the garage a possum. Then two nights ago Keelie saw him run under the storage shed. Now that I knew he lived close by it was game on. So last night I made up a batch of trash he couldn't refuse, I cleaned out the fridge open containers and dumped them in. Then to top it off I set the sack out by the porch and drizzled the outside with honey. Then it was a waiting game, so I turned on the Olympics and waited for the sign, the rustling of a trash bag. So I slowly open the door stuck the barrel of the .22 out the door and then pulled the door back closed as far as it would go(didn't want to wake the kids up). Then about 8 pm last night at a distance of about 10 ft, one of my trash problems was taking care of. If for some reason you feel sorry for him give me your number and next time I have to pick up a sack full of trash scattered over the yard in 30 degree weather at 4:45 in the morning i'll give you a call. Stay tuned to an update on the other one, when I woke up this morning some more trash was out so he had an accomplice.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Not Just a Dish Washer

Another first has been recorded in my book. Last week one of the usual cooks on my shift was gone, and I was riding on the engine so that meant I was in charge of meals. So lunch we had a simple hodge podge of crap and I do mean crap, like mac and cheese, smoked sausage, and ranch style beans. It was awesome and I'm not joking. For dinner I brought out my A-game, Texas toast(cheese and garlic), salad, and homemade lasagna. It was the first time I have ever made it, so with the recipe and instructions from Keelie I whipped it together. I threw it in the oven on time but then with a call during I had to turn down the temp going out the door. Long story short by the time we were through eating it was gone and they said it was awesome. I received several atta boys and they were impressed. Against my better judgement I even had to make it with turkey instead of beef because one of the guys is trying to avoid red meat. Even though it turned out good I won't make a habit of using turkey. I just wonder how good it could have been if I had used beef instead?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Must

You have one assignment this Christmas season to watch the greatest Christmas movie of all time "Christmas Vacation." Go forth and let the laughing begin.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You kiddin me....

So a couple of mornings ago I was heading out to the tree stand. It was a great morning about mid 40's and a little wind out of the southeast. Thought it COULD be a great morning to harvest one of God's beautiful creatures with a sharp stick. As the sun came up I had been in the stand about an hour or so when I heard some steps in the leaves below. Slowly stood up and grabbed my bow then turned and look below and a deer was behind some brush and little trees. When I caught a glimpse of part of his head and saw some horns and looked pretty good. First buck of the season and rut should be coming pretty soon so optimism was high, been waiting for this moment for over a month now. He was a little downwind of me and about that time caught a hint of my scent. He slowly backed out, made a half circle, and walked out where I could see him about 30 yds or so. I was looking at him through some thin branches when he stopped in a opening turned broadside to me and I saw a nice rack, except he only had half a rack the right side was about 5 pts well out side the ears and looked good. The left side was gone, zilch, zero, nada, poof, M.I.A. So I let him go on his merry and lucky way, and that's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Round 2

It's that time of the year again, the second nascar date of the season. Which usually means a couple things time to eat, eat, and then eat a little more. I usually eat enough grease this weekend to kill any normal human, but I've built up my system over time to handle just about anything I can throw at it. I'm smoking three racks of ribs and a pork roast tomorrow to take along with bacon to smoke on scene. I'll probably eat my normal whole pan full of rice crispy treats too and the list keeps on going and going, I think you get the point. The other occasional problem of the weekend is the weather. If the wind is blowing you'll be washing dirt off of every inch of your body for two days. Or on the other hand could be storming (couple years ago a tornado within a couple miles of the track), and cold. This weekend looks pretty good with low 70's and no chance of rain. Anywho should be a good time and looking forward to it.